Public Relations

Success Story 

Client: A Performing Arts Centre in China

The client is a famous performing arts centre in China. Its mission is to provide a platform for musical and cultural exchange. Over the years, it has produced its own plays and shows and recently, it has established its own orchestra. 


The client approached Strategic Venture with a request for recommendations about how to maximize its overseas exposure and to draw the public awareness on its live concerts in such 5 cities as Bad Kissingen, Nuremberg, Flensburg, Berlin, and Raesfeld in Germany. As it was the first overseas tour of the client, public awareness is its major concern. 

Strategic Venture Approach

Riding on our extensive experiences in Public Relations, Strategic Venture recommended that the client organized a media event. Strategic Venture was confident that its excellent relationship with editors and reporters would enable it to deliver the message to the target audiences through media. 

Strategic Venture's Recommended Actions 

What Strategic Venture Delivered

The client provided onsite media liaison whereas Strategic Venture arranged the support for the German tour for the client, including:

Media Invitations

Strategic Venture disseminated press release to media in the whole Germany and also invited them for media visit and event. This strategic worked very well, combined with Strategic Ventture's endeavor to maximize exposure for the client in Germany, and very strong media coverage were achieved in Germany. 

Press Coverage generated in Germany

Almost 50 press coverage generated from 16 - 31 July 2012 from the following printed and broadcast media: Niederlausitz Aktuell,, HalternerZeitung,, MuensterlandZeitung, GrevenerZeitung, DorstenerZeitung, EmsdettenerVolksZeitung, MuensterscheZeitung, Borkener Zeitung,, WM TV, AVIS Online, Schleswig-Holsteinischen Zeitungsverlag, Berliner Morgenpost, Der Tagessplegeis, and Westfalenpost etc. 

Media Coverage in Germany